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I thought I’d take this opportunity to tell you a little bit about myself


I’ve been doing this so long but i never forget where i started!

I have been very lucky to have the success i have had our the past 15 years, i started before make up became a trend, instagram became inspiration and a lot girl branded them selfs a make up artist.


I try not to follow trends and just keep to what i’ve always done, which is to create a natural, timeless bridal hair and makeup look that will never go out of trend.


I have loved been apart of 1,000’s and 1,000’s of weddings

My experience makes me much quicker at most when creating the popular styles.


I am honestly rubbish on social media and over the years i have kept my service more private.


I feel my background lead to my success.


Since being very young I’ve always had a flair for art and to be creative and I’ve always been inspired my make up artistry, so this directed me in my career path to do something I love.


Since school I was lucky enough to join a lovely group of girls in a local busy town centre salon as a Saturday girl. I loved the salon environment, meeting and greeting clients and decided to go to college and learn beauty therapy.


After a couple of years I completed a BTEC National Diploma in beauty therapy sciences and started full time work at Escape Beauty Salon in Chesterfield. In two and a half years I gained some fantastic experience and techniques that I couldn’t live with out to day. Thank you girls!. Although i loved working alongside an outstanding group of therapists in a always popular salon I wanted to follow my passion for make-up. I then decided to go back to collage full time to learn theatrical and media make up.

I studied at a college in Retford for a year and learnt from professional make-up artists the techniques in hair and make –up that I use in my work today. After leaving collage I decided to work freelance and enter the world of weddings, specialising in hair and make up to be of service to brides on their special day. I love being part of someones special event, it’s an amazing atmosphere to work in and I enjoy every minute of my job!


During this time I had worked for MAC cosmetics!!! I worked for MAC for over a year and learnt some fantastic tips and techniques. I still work with a wide range of MAC cosmetics.


Im always learning new tips and techniques but still the old ones are the best.

I feel that make up should define your natural beauty and not be used as a mask to change the way we look. You’ll still recognise your self in year to come with a natural timeless look. 


I love my job and i always try my very best, sadly i didn’t study at Hogwarts school of magic, therefore sometimes i’m not able to create a look thats not realistic. I think that bride shouldn't try to change who they are or try to look like someone else, just be the most beautiful version a of you on your wedding day. I’m confident i can achieve that for any bride, with advice, time, patience and by working together.


Emma xx

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